MYFIE will help individual users to monetize their selfies transparently using Block Chain Tech.
Tell a story with a single selfie.. You are the director.. You are the creative person! Bring out your creativity and get rewarded for it.
You can be creative and send under different categories.. Examples are Carfie, Bikefie, Momfie, Dadfie, Bossfie, Sisfie, Brofie, Busfie, Foodfie, Planefie, Bookfie, Friendfie, Showfie (Fav Show), Gamefie, Petfie, Dressfie (New Dress) or any other creative category..
Remember.. the top three selfies under the popular post category will win a prize of 1000 MYFIE every sunday as the Star Performer of the Week.. So it is important to promote your selfie once it appears on myfie.live among your friend and family members!

APP Direct Download Link: https://github.com/SWATCoin/MyFie/releases/download/V11.9/MYFIE_LITE_9.11.apk

Current Bounty Program:

🚀New Bounty: MYFIE Token
Reward: 2000 MYFIE
Rate : 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
💠Already Listed on VinDAX!

✅MYFIE APP Link: https://github.com/SWATCoin/MyFie/releases/download/V11.9/MYFIE_LITE_9.11.apk

♦️Step-By-Step Guide:

🔹Download MYFIE APP. Keep Selfie Ready (<1MB)
🔹Install APP Downloaded from Link Above  
🔹Upload selfie by clicking "Upload Selfie" Image
🔹Follow Twitter https://twitter.com/MyFieProject
🔹Join Telegram Group: https://t.me/MYFIEPROJECT

💠Note: When you click the "Upload Selfie" in the APP you will be redirected to a Google Form. Fill it up and upload selfie using the form. Maximum 10 Selfies per User. (10x200 = 2000 MYFIE). For any doubts contact our Admins on Telegram.


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